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Christian Carter-Ross is a student of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro who has a great eye and hand with the hold of a camera. His focus in school is New Media Design with a concentration of Photography and this focus has given him a greater understanding of his art of photography and design. He has been able to expand his talents with his brand, Candid Compositions, capturing people, moments and wanting to tell stories through his photography. Below you can get to know about Christian, Candid Compositions and more. After the jump you will find a slideshow of his best captured images.

1. When did you begin photography?

I’ve actually always had an interest in photography since I was little. It wasn’t until the spring of 2013 that I started taking it seriously.

2. What is the first thing you saw that inspired you to capture it on camera?

It all started with those little pre-rolled cameras with images of animals you get at the zoo (or used to). Also, I grew up with three older siblings that always bought XXL or Vibe magazines and the features caught my eye. So when I got to college and I saw there were people that were serious about their craft(s) and had those same type of “Vibe” and “XXL” vibes-especially my friends in the fashion department-I had to get on the wave.

3. Why is portraiture your favorite to photograph?

I feel like portraiture is that type of photography that is the most creative photography to work with. You can change poses, change outfits, hairstyles and also I feel like portraiture tells a visual story that nature cannot. Nature photography, for instance, is like “here it is, these leaves are pretty” and that’s it. Portraiture can be a lot more eye appealing, especially when dealing with things like promotion for clothing brands.

4. What has been your best experience with photography so far?

I truly don’t even know where to start with this question, simply because every experience feels like the best and has continued to open many doors for me. If I had to choose though it’d be shooting the UNCG threads fashion show this year. It was a dope experience to have insight on some of the most creative minds at UNCG. I was the photographer for a friend of mine, Gordon Holliday (also known as “Roole”), as he debuted pieces out of his Love Letter collection. I captured the preparation for the show and the moments during and after the show. To me, that felt like practice for something bigger, maybe a fashion week gig in a bigger city like NYC or Paris.

5. If there are any brands or celebrities you would like to capture, who would they be? 

There isn’t a particular brand that comes to mind but I would like to do shoots for the celebrities in GQ and Vogue. They always have the best shoots in my opinion. From presentation to the outfits, they always bring it. That’s kind of the end goal for me and of course to shoot for my friend’s brands as well like the “Cool & Well-Dressed” brand. Quick shout to my boy Phil.

6. What would you like to give back to the community in pertains to your photography?

I would like to tell everyone’s story. Visually. Actually, there’s an on the rise street photographer coming out of Baltimore named Devin Allen who’s doing something similar. His fame came about from the conflict going on in Baltimore a few weeks ago and he ended up making the cover of Time Magazine. Which is BIG for that to be your debut to the world. He captured so many emotions with his photography and when it was shared to the world everyone that saw it, felt it. Backtracking for a second, back in February when Deah, Yusor and Razan (the 3 Muslim students at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State) were killed I wanted to put out a body of work that composed of nine black & white headshots of nine different people of nine different nationalities. The name of the project is called “Differences”. The intent of the work was to show that we are all different but that’s what makes this puzzle (on earth) work so well. We shouldn’t be discriminated against for any reason whatsoever. My intentions were to get the work out to the family, in prints, when it was finished but the project had to be put on hold for various reasons. I do plan on following through with it in coming months. So, to answer your question, that’s what I want to give back to the community. Share these untold stories.

7. What is one thing photographers must always keep in mind when they are working?

That good, creative, work takes patience. Photography is the fastest medium to work with and as a photographer you can get very agitated when work doesn’t come out right the first time. Patience is something I’m slowly learning myself. Also, everyone doesn’t have to think your work is dope, to be dope. It was your creative vision and someone will appreciate it at some point. We get so caught up in validation of others, we often lose ourselves in the mix. Be you.

8. What else would you like to do creatively besides photography?

I’ve recently found myself in web design. It’s a cool past time and seems to be on the rise actually. Videography is something that I’ve been kind of scratching at this past week too. It’s always good to have a plan B and C in the art world.

9. What kind of camera do you use? Is it your dream camera and if not, what would you prefer and why?

I currently shoot with a Nikon D700 (full frame). My lens are a Nikon 24-120mm and a Tamaron 24-70mm. At one point it was my dream camera but now I’ve got my eye on the Nikon D3200. The quality you capture with that camera is ridiculous. I could’ve probably captured the sweat on James Harden’s forehead in nosebleed seats in game 4 of the playoffs this year.

Christian would like to leave everyone with these words: 

Look out for coming soon. Site is still under construction because every time I think it’s ready, I find the smallest detail to fix. That’s just the artist in me. Oh and I almost forgot, I’m not trying to start a line but at some point I will have “Candid Composition” gear on the site along with the purchase of prints! Check it out. Ah, one more thing, I also do event photography, wedding photography, whatever you need. I got you. Also, before I forget, shout to my boy Issac Gill. He’s ill with the camera too and he’s definitely on the rise in this photography game. Check him out on Twitter and IG @Gilluminatii.  See, there I go again. Just when I think I’m finished with something, I find something else to add.

It was great getting know more about Christian and what he is offering to the world. Follow him on Twitter and peep his Tumblr. Check out the gallery below of his work.

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