Fre$h Touch Featuring Milik Rodman

Rising senior of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Milik Rodman, is showing everyone on campus how style is done. His Nigerian background takes full force as he mixes African patterns with vintage flair, keeping him ahead of the class. This Fre$h Touch feature is dedicated to getting to know the man behind the clothes.

Milik realized he was first into fashion when he began looking for items that not everyone had or could pull off. His favorite stores to shop are 21Men, Urban Outfitters and Buffalo Exchange. When it comes to what he likes the most Milik says, “I’ve always liked African/tribal prints because my father is Nigerian and the bold colors, prints, patterns have always appealed to me.” A must have in his closet is ripped jeans.

With Milik’s style, a clothing line should be somewhere in his future. If given money to start his own line he would offer an urban yet sophisticated line of apparel. “I would showcase these designs by just having African-American teens and young adults wear them”, he says of the possible line. When it comes to men having their own style he believes it is hard to carve out your own style. His advice on finding your own lane of style is to seek someones style you admire and from that create an image that is unique to you.

Besides being into fashion, Milik also has the gift of being a dancer and has also started to dabble in photography. “I’ve been dancing since I could walk, I’ve taught myself everything I know. I received the actual gift from my mother who was a dancer in her younger days. I became interested in photography a couple months ago after hanging out with some photographer friends at school. I really enjoy urban and street photography.”

Milik will definitely make his mark in all lanes that he pursues in life and it is all because his style makes the best first impressions.

Follow Milik on Twitter and Instagram.

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