DJ Daz & Th3 Higher Presents: The Chosen Sound Vol. 1

Artwork: Salvador Dali
Artwork: Salvador Dali

I have teamed up with Charlotte duo, Th3 Higher, to release a beat tape comprised of North Carolina producers entitled-The Chosen Sound. This volume includes producers from Charlotte specifically but other volumes to come will include producers from all over NC. The Chosen Sound will always only feature a select number of producers, no more than 10, because we want to keep it just that; a “chosen sound”. Below is a tracklist of the producers featured and after the jump listen to the tape. Stay tuned for more volumes to come.

1. Cruise (Slow) – LTheBeatChemist

2. Mothership – Anubis Inc

3. Naku – WilLex Lytle & Jimmy Kelso

4. The Untouchables – Ryan Ryu Alexy & DK

5. Third Eye – Yung Citizen

6. Burnt Letter – Axnt

7. LvRz – REALMS

8. Mansu Musa – Ron Styles


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