ToD Feature: Christie Grant

To Be YOUNG, GIFTED AND BLACK: cool like dat

Many women of color have taken different paths to empower other women of color while showcasing their abilities, whether it be through music, poetry or dance. Christie Grant of Atlanta, GA has taken her talent of being a painter to do so. Each one of her paintings shows a different aspect of WoC, that captivate and awe anyone that comes across her art. In her feature, you will get to know more about Christie, her art and creative mind.

1. When did you start painting? Did you start out being a painter or did your interest fall elsewhere first?

I was painting ever since I was little girl, but as I got older it became more than just a hobby. It became my therapy and passion.

2.  What inspires you to create women of color in your artwork? Did you always have this passion?

I wanted to project how I saw women, especially women of color. I want them to look almost ethereal and one with nature-because I feel that that’s what we are. Yes, I’ve always had this passion to paint what I mostly saw. Women of color can be princesses, mermaids, and mother earth, too!


3. What are your favorite supplies to use?

I love acrylics and I love to mix them with pastes to add texture. I pile it on. My new favorite tool is my painting knife! When I do abstracts it guides the paint for me.

4. Is there a special location you find peace in while creating?

My dark basement studio, hahahaha. I just like to be alone and it blocks out the noise upstairs.

Black Madonna

5. How long does it generally take you to finish a piece?

Anywhere between a few hours and a few days. It depends on the type of painting. For customers, I take as much time on there paintings. They have a set vision and I work with them directly to get it out. On a painting of my own, the idea usually is brewing for a few days in my head and in my sketch book. So when its time to paint I usually push those out pretty fast.


6. What else does your life consist of besides creating beautiful art?

It consist of taking care of my family, planning my new life and wedding. I am heavily involved in my church as well. I stay pretty busy so my art calms me down.

2015-01-28 11.38.55

7. What advice would you give other WOC who are artists trying to find their way?

Keep pushing and know your worth. Keep studying and learn about different artists and there muses, techniques, and styles. I never stop learning and I want people to see my growth. You are your own critic, it doesn’t matter what people see or say. You choose the message that is displayed on the medium-you choose.

2015-03-23 12.25.06


8. How do you see the world? How do you feel your art can create change in the world?

I see the world as a beautiful yet troubled place that needs a lot of respect for the things in it. Whether it be people or nature. We all need to have a sense of respect and love for the planet and the people that occupy it. I want to display that in my art. I want to show power amongst women, especially WOC, who have negative images of them thrown out daily. And show how that power brings us closer to the earth and nature.

She wants to leave everyone with simply, “I love art“.

Follow Christie Grant on Instagram.

Purchase her artwork here.

Frida Modern


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