Rox Wid Her X The Doppelgangaz


A week after releasing their FreEp, Parts Unknown, The Doppelgangaz give everyone a visual for the song “Rox Wid Her” found on the project. In the video the duo is being held captive by a sexy female as she points a gun at them as they rap inside of cages and inside of a garage. The Doppelgangaz say this about the video:

“Rox Wid Her derives from a saying coined by our friend Big Josh. It describes a situation in which you aren’t in a relationship with a female, but you are cool with her. The video for “Rox Wid Her” documents a situation we find ourselves in often; and that’s being held as a sex slave by a female.”

Hmm, not too sure about how many females hold men captive as sex slaves but I feel like this would be a mans fantasy. Either way it’s a dope visual. After you watch, listen to Parts Unknown. 

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