Plane Jaymes: Late Wave/Vape Music Vol. 1

Vape music CA

Plane Jaymes is not a familiar face to ToD and today it’s a back to back showcase of Jaymes. First off, we are presented with his recent video “Late Wave” which shows him taking an adventure through the streets of NYC. As people look onto him in different scenes, he raps about his past life and what is going on now in his life-saying “Am I the only one with a story? You know my name but you don’t know me, but they will…one day.” The video is directed by 24 Cuts.

Next, there is his Vape Music Vol. 1 which gives us a great taste of who Plane Jaymes is an artist. It feels as if every track is a ride through the clouds how Jaymes flows on every track and the production gives us airy vibes filled with tons of bass. There will be plenty of more music coming from the artist but for now he says, “The time for this ride is now & we’ll grow from here”. Check out everything below.

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