ToD Feature: Mariela Nunez aka MaryTheHeathen

Mary 1

Mariela (Mary) Nunez aka MaryTheHeathen was born in Costa Rica but at the age of 9, relocated to Greensboro, NC. She has loved art ever since she was a kid but it wasn’t until recently she decided to take it serious and become a “monster” of creating art.This feature is dedicated to knowing MaryTheHeathen and what she and her art is all about.

1. In what moment did you fall in love with art? 

I fell in love with art as a child , when I was in the 4th grade I entered the Arts Reflection contest in my county and won first place in my school.

2. How did that moment want you to start creating more?

Even though I loved art I did it for recreation, and as I got older I floated around in school and socially trying to find something I was good at, when it was art all along. It wasn’t until two years ago when I met an artist, I told him that I used to love art and that I was fairly okay at it . He handed me his sketchpad and basically put me on the spot to draw him something … he basically created a monster because his faith in my ability made me who I am today. He thinks I’m better than him now but he’s amazing.

3. How would you describe the theme of your art? Why do you want to create this way?

My theme of art is basically all in my name, I call myself ‘Mary The Heathen’, its a very sarcastic name. If the world was to label me i would be a “heathen” … I “sin” according to religion and I love doing it … I’ve smoked weed, I’ve had sex before marriage, I’ve been with girls, etc….. I guess I’m a heathen and a sinner and I incorporate that in my art the most. I want to create this way because I want to be the one who lets out all the things that people are afraid to think out loud, on my canvas.

Mary 2

4. Is there an artist who inspires you?

Yes yes yes! One artist that truly inspires me is my mentor Tony (@terribletonyxxx via insta), he gets on my ass if I’m ever slacking and he has pretty much been by my side since I started taking art serious … He’s an awesome artist and his passion for art is amazing. Also, Rob Regis (@rob_regis) he’s super dope. Frida-she’s my all time favorite-her work is just out of this world, major inspiration.

5. Do you do anything besides painting/drawing?

The only thing I love to do besides painting and drawing is cooking and makeup. Those are two things anyone can tell you I’m great at. A woman should know how to cook and enjoy it, and also who doesn’t love getting pretty?

6. Why is it so important to create art in the world?

You can have a million dollars and you can have 100 bitches but when you die what are you really leaving behind? Your art will be a legacy on its own, something people will appreciate forever.

Mary 3

7. Besides showcasing your art, how else do you want to spread your art to the world?

I would love to paint murals in less fortunate cities like Detroit, or less fortunate countries. Sometimes I’ll be driving through a city and just seeing a giant ass mural of art can brighten up your day. Also, I would love to do artwork for great music artists. Spreading music and art at the same time, can’t get any better!

8. Is there a painting you have done so far that is your favorite and why?

I would have to say my Hey Arnold! oil painting that I did as a beginner, basically after that painting I kind of took off. It also just reminds me of my whole childhood here in America.

9. Any advice for painters trying to find their way?

Yes! Take yourself serious, do not doubt yourself! Stay consistent, the more art you make the more people will believe in you and the more they will take you serious! Also, never make excuses about not having time because if you really want to pursue your art you will. Last but not least, stay original my fellow artists because trust me its extremely hard as an artist in 2015 to be original!!!
Mary 4
Mary wants to leave everyone with these last words, “Keep coming to my art shows, thanks to the people who believe in me , and expect nothing but greatness from me in the future to come! Follow Mary on Twitter.
Mary 5

One thought on “ToD Feature: Mariela Nunez aka MaryTheHeathen

  1. I haven’t been able to make her show,but I know her and she is awesome…If I had half her talents I would be pursuing my dream as well…love ya and keep going,I’m proud of you love!!!

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