Fre$h Touch Featuring HenchmenFace Clothing


“This brand recognizes the unrecognized and praises the unsung heroes. The henchmen that are responsible for the higher-ups success, we are dedicated to making a face for the faceless and creating a ripple effect that will invoke individuality.” This is the mission statement of Charlotte based clothing line, Henchmen Face Clothing. They will soon be releasing a lookbook for their new collection and before it comes, you can get to know the line exclusively on ToD.

1. Why did you want to offer clothing for the unrecognized as you stated in your mission statement? Why make them special?

Well, with the the creation of the brand at the time, me (Shody) and my bro (Kels) were working at Levi Outlet with a douchebag manager and (Sumo) was struggling with school loans and (Ramsey) also working a dead end job-we did so much work but never got recognized accordingly for the things we did. So originally with us writing up our mission statement it was what we wanted our line to portray; the struggle of those who give others power and those who give to the lesser without being recognized. You know one man can’t win a war.

2. Besides t-shirts, what else do you want your brand to offer?

We actually want to do the whole 9 with pants, coats, cut and sew clothing that’ll push our creativity to a new level and get us out of our comfort zone.
3. Do you see Henchmen doing a program where you provide clothing for underdeveloped countries every time someone purchases a shirt?
We are trying to get things together such as fundraisers for the homeless in our city like once a year do an event gearing towards this goal. Once it gets big enough we will definitely love to help underdeveloped cities-it takes steps.
4. Where in the world do you want to directly impact with Henchmen?
We would love to impact Japan. The Japanese streetwear scene is an entirely different beast and we’re definitely down to tame it.
5. What is the most important thing when it comes to style?
The most important thing to consider when it comes to style is just be you. If it feels right to you then just wear it and you’ll be proud of it and that confidence will show on you. When you walk into a room people will feel it.
6. What is a must have staple that men should have in their closet?
Must have staple every man should have in there closet is a HenchmenFace item. Cop yours at our website or DM us on our IG @henchmenface.
7. What is the sexiest thing you like to see women wear?
Sexiest thing to see a woman in would absolutely be one of our shirts, a little oversized, with some skinny jeans and Vans-just so damn sexy.
HenchmenFace wants to leave everyone with these words: ” we just want to say thank you to all those who support us and those new to the the wave we really appreciate you all and we want to thank you DJ for giving us the opportunity to share our dreams and ideals with your fans as well”

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