Three X Saje (Prod. by Darwin)


“Three” is the third installment of Saje’s #1aWeek for the summer of 2015. Although this is just the third track, this by far is my favorite one. He gets way more personal than any other track before speaking of his just born daughter and expressing how he has to keep good karma (“keep it three”) for her. The bouncy catchy chorus will have you saying it all day and will want you to live the “Three” life. Saje says this of the track:

“So many emotions can come over you in a week, even a day. You must learn to stay in touch with all 3; Mind, Body, and Spirit. Be honest to yourself and maintain balance.”

Vibe out below.

Notable Lyrics: “I been living in hell since I fell from the 9 to the 3, (rewind the beat) that’s minus 6, you should find you a key. They got you locked in a box and I be outside the ring. I never lie to you so don’t you ever lie to me.”

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