Prince Of The City X Will WildFire (Video)

Will Wildfire

Will WildFire claims his heir to the QC throne with his new visual, “Prince Of The City.” In the video, we see Will preparing himself for a get together to take the worries away from adversities in his life of being a black male wanting success. Will states this as more insight:

Even though people are losing their lives and being treated unfairly, people still want to climb to the top of whatever ladder they’re given. Yeah, it sucks that people are getting beaten with their hands up, but a new Rolls-Royce would help cushion the blows.”

Although his upcoming EP is untitled for now, this track will be found on the project. In time he will be dropping more music as the release nears. Watch “Prince Of The City” below.

Notable Lyrics: “Backwood redneck ass nigga all will call him a hero / Even though the crime you committed was zero, oh fuck it all / Freedom ain’t free and a nigga like me, I still want it all / I still wanna ball”

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