Fre$h Touch Featuring The Ruins Clothing By Percylandon


Designer, Percylandon, of Greensboro by way of Toronto has created a brand for the people who want to bring trendy urban fashion back. In his own words, “The Ruins basically just stands for…you know how ‘ruins’ stands for old, run down abandoned buildings? And how 90’s fashion is old and gone? That’s how I feel urban fashion is-gone. So I’m basically just trying to bring trendy fashion back hence “The Ruins”. At the moment, The Ruins is all about hats, which are simple yet eye catching and soon jackets will come into the equation. Get to know Percylandon and The Ruins below.

1. When did you make the move from Toronto to Greensboro? How would you compare and contrast the two places?                      

 I made the move from Toronto to Greensboro when I was 13, in 2007 . Both places are very different. The south is very warm and there is a lot of hospitality but in the north it tends to have long winters and people aren’t as nice but it’s home I love it.

2. How is the fashion scene in Toronto different than in Greensboro and NC in general?
The fashion scene is a little different , it’s more city like. If I could compare it to something I would say London or New York.
3. When did your passion for fashion and designing begin? How long have you been doing this?
My passion for fashion came along time ago , as a kid I use to draw suits all day until my fingers hurt. My mother actually got me started, she’s a designer so I picked it up from her. I’ve had ideas and have been planning this for a year but I’ve only been doing this officially for a month.
4. In what moment do you feel like urban fashion fell off or became “ruin”ed?
I feel urban fashion was ruined when TRUKFIT came along. No but in all seriousness when I started seeing clothing lines with no meaning , they were just doing it for a quick buck.
5. What has been your all time favorite urban fashion moment in history?
That’s a good question, I would have to say when Kanye was on Sway In The Morning screaming about, “YOU DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS.”
6. What are you making that you feel your brand is bringing back trendy?
Urban fashion use to be simple, so I feel I’m bringing back simplicity. I hate big bulky lettering with too much going on, it takes away from the clothes.
7. In your own words, what exactly does it mean to be “trendy?”
What it means to be trendy to me is wear what you want , or what what people aren’t wearing. Setting a new trend , keep them guessing .
8. Are there any designers (past or present) you are inspired by?
I like Raf Simons clothing mainly for his simplicity, his shoes just have a big “R” on it and sells like crazy . My other is Bobby Hundreds-the creator of The Hundreds. It amazes me how you can make a logo and it have nothing to do with the brand name.
9. What is your must have staple in your closet?
My hats, that’s always a necessity.
10. Any advice to upcoming designers?
Be yourself, don’t quit because this fashion shit is like any other occupation.
Percylandon wants to leave everyone with these last words: “If you like it, wear it..”

image1Purchase your The Ruins hat here.

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