Fake N*ggas In Designer Clothes X Colby Crump


Colby Crump of 24 KARATS is an all around artist who cuts the check to himself by producing and writing his own music. In his newest single he touches on one of our generations greatest epidemics: “Fake Niggas In Designer Clothes”. He lays rhymes over a laid back beat filled with drums, a sparse piano melody, and sounds from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time hidden in it all. He not only lyrically discusses “fake niggas” but also smoking with his fellow 24 KARAT members and hoes, chasing goals, desires of getting big blog recognition. Colby says this of the title, “I flip a saying that my mother used to tell me often, “You make the clothes, don’t let the clothes make you” into “Know that fake niggas wear authentic designer clothes.”

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