Wade In The Water X Prohaize feat. Levii Turner

unnamed (2)

Atlanta hip-hop artist, Prohaize, grabs Levii Turner to remake the Negro Spiritual “Wade In The Water” into a modern, black empowering, hip-hop track. The unapologetic, controversial single is directed by Chad Tennies and it paints vivid truths of contemporary enslavement through social, economic, and self-inflicted suppression of the black race. The soulful harmonies of singer Levii Turner in conjunction with the brilliant production by BryceJBThomas take listeners on a journey of intimate self-reflection and inspirational change. Accompanying brand new material, “Wade in the Water” will be re-released on Prohaize’s untitled body of work coming this winter.

Prohaize will be running on-foot from Atlanta to New York to combat police brutality starting September 20, 2015 through a campaign called Justice Trail. To learn about the movement, read his conversation with AFROPUNK here.

Follow Prohaize on Twitter.

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