Melanin Sugar X Marsalis


Marsalis is an independent artist coming out of Raleigh, NC by way of Passaic, New Jersey with a smooth, poetic sound that everyone can enjoy. His track, “Melanin Sugar”, showcases this sound and is one that you definitely want to enjoy with your partner on a late night tip. He is not only making his own music but is pushing a movement behind it all called, “Weiiirdo”, to let people know it is okay to be different. He says this of the movement, “Weiiirdo music is for everybody to enjoy, and to have fun with. Sometimes it will be lyrical, then turn up, then chill, then some really off to Mars ish but that’s just how I create my craft you know.” Marsalis is also apart of a group called BHB which is based out of the Greensboro/Burlington area. He wants the world to know how hungry he is behind his craft and you can hear that in “Melanin Sugar” below.

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