1234 X Free The Optimus

FTO at The Orange Peel

Free The Optimus (FTO) is an award winning collective of hip-hop lovers and Cyph heads coming out of North Carolina that are dropping rhymes and taking names all in one. The group consists of C.Shreve the Professor, Mike L!VE, and DJ Jet and they have dropped a new video/song entitled “1234.” In this feature we find FTO in higher education mode at Cypher University where they thoroughly demonstrate each element of the hip-hop culture that has shaped their lives. The lyrical aggression comes from witnessing “the wackness that y’all perpetuate, that’s insidious” and their response to “rap for dope North Carolinians” – bottom line, dispensing with sucka MCs will always be an issue and they have definitely been handling business lately. FTO’s upcoming full length project, FTOLive, will be released later this fall starring C.Shreve, L!VE, and Jet along with features from Jrusalam, Tuscon, Hunter, Pragmaddix, and Chachillie with production from P.U.R.P., Dylan Guye, Flue, Millie Vaughn and more. It’s going to be a game changer for underground hip-hop and “1234” will get you prepared for the release.

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