Happiest Man On Earth X Broken Back

Photo Broken Back 001 (1)

Singer, songwriter and producer, Broken Back, is a French artist that is the “Happiest Man On Earth.” The visual portrays a young man on a journey; humour runs throughout, and yet there is something distinctly poignant and affective about what we are watching. Bright colors, numerous emotions and countless experiences pass him by. It all seems like random moments but if you really dive into the video, you will see how it relates to your everyday surroundings. On a whim one day, Broken Back took a train from Paris to Saint-Malo (a small town on the West Coast of France) and as described in “Happiest Man On Earth,” it was here that he finalized his debut EP, Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy.  To this day, he lives between Saint-Malo and Paris, creating a fusion of Folk, Pop, and Electronic music. Having reached Number One on Hype Machine’s most popular charts, twice this year already, Broken Back is focused on his goal of sharing music that is both far reaching, and personal to his own experience. Live happy with Broken Back below.

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