Event Recap: #MovingArtATL NY Edition


Painted models, aerial yoga, dope paintings, crystal jewelry, henna tattoos and more made up the New York edition of #MovingArtATL. The force that is Moving Art has beginnings in Atlanta and is surely spreading across the nation. Last night, creatives met up at Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn to see yoga meet art. I’ve seen yoga and I’ve seen art but I have never seen the two combine like I did at this event.

I came to the show to support an artist who I’ve known for about two years by the name of X and right as I walk in his art greeted me to the left. His signature is 3D art and paintings and last night was no exception. “Fresh Thoughts” were two pieces featuring an electronic air freshener (yes, it worked) on painted quilted fabric. In between on display were his Harry Hippie iPhone Cases which are apart of a bigger series of items that have attached blunt splitters. Next were two “drunken” manikin heads facing each other that represented yin and yang. X also brought out his crystal jewelry for sale along with Harry Hippie lighters. X was dressed like a casual rockstar but his shoes are what really made the outfit as they dawned gold paint with whatever he uses on his art (peep them below).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I moved over to the big crowd near the back of the gallery and everyone was circulating around the action that was Moving Art. Painted models went in the center to wow the crowd with their skill of being able to balance on another human being to do yoga in the air. It’s one thing to see something like this on Instagram but to see it live, you really appreciate the art form and realize how much body strength you don’t have.


An announcement is made that a woman (@isis_diamond) is about to perform aerial yoga and this is what really captivated me. She effortlessly did splits in between the hammock, curled herself in the fabric like a cocoon and bringing herself back up to do more. I really wanted to tip her but this clearly wasn’t the time or place to start throwing ones.


Of course vendors were in attendance as jewelry and prints were being sold. I purchased an elephant ring from Heart Mercedes and three crystal rings (Bloodstone, Rose Quartz and Apache Tears) from X. A man behind My Clear Jewelry  was selling clear necklaces of different shapes with marijuana in them. Looking back at my night…I should’ve bought one. Henna tattoos were also being done which I should’ve sat down for but oh well.


FullSizeRender (24)

All in all, I give the event 10/10 and it was definitely an experience I am glad to have been in presence for. Stay up to date with Moving Art by following them on Twitter and check out their website for awesome creative content.




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