Mar Reynolds Announces Sophomore Album & Drops First Single


First Life artist, Mar Reynolds, will be releasing his sophomore album (for free) entitled, Attack II, on Halloween. To get everyone prepared for the upcoming project he releases the first single-“II”. Attack II is a follow-up from his debut, Attack, which he dropped on his birthday April 8, 2013 and later that same day he was arrested. Using this experience he promised his friends and family to stay out of legal trouble this go around and is eager to show what he has in store. Mar says this of Attack II: 

“I was at absolute rock bottom and my fans were still rocking with me, to help keep me sane. Little things like buying music they already had from me to make sure I didn’t starve. It’s time to give them some free music now that I’m back on my feet.”

Reynolds uses relentless energy and his aggressive style that he likes to call, “Too High,” to address topics such as being homeless, drug use, the necessary evils of being on the streets, and heartbreak. “II” is the perfect beginning to Attack II and you can expect the same intensity through the whole album. Attack II will be executive produced by Jonathan Cloud. Be on the lookout on Halloween for the drop.

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