Greatness On My Mind X C. Shreve The Professor


By now you are familiar with the North Carolina collective of Cyph Heads that is known by, Free The Optimus. Founder of FTO, C. Shreve The Professor, has released his own audio dope going by “Greatness On My Mind.” This track finds the artist aspiring for greatness and urging his listeners to do the same. Riding production by 16-year-old Japanese producer, FutureBeats, Shreve gives us the first taste of his Twenty Sixteens solo project that will release in 2016. Watch below and be prepared for more from Shreve.

Notable Lyrics: “Nourish me with courage free and let the spirit lift / Riding the waves of time, we feel adrift / A rift in the continuity, it’s like there’s two of me / Tryna profess while I’m steady reppin truancy”

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