Questlove Announces New Book – ‘Somethingtofoodabout’

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Questlove, who is famously known as a member of The Roots, has announced the release of his new book, somethingtofoodaboutFollowing the success of his first book in 2013, Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove, the book takes a spin on a traditional food book and unlocks the creative process behind food and explores the way that chefs operate as innovative artists. He investigates the issue through conversation with 10 American chefs including: Daniel Humm, Dominique Crenn, Dave Beran, Nathan Myrhvold, Jesse Griffiths, Donald Link, Michael Solomonov, Ludo Lefebvre, Daniel Patterson and Ryan Roadhouse. Readers are taken around the country from New York City to Los Angeles to New Orleans letting chefs speak about their personal histories, their creative process and insights into innovation in food. Somethingtofoodabout is an insightful, lighthearted, witty and above all enthusiastic tour through the current state of creativity in American cuisine. The book will release April 12th, 2016 via Clarkson Potter.

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