North Carolina hip-hop duo, Pragmaddix, bring a refreshing perspective combining insightful lyricism with a variation of styles and sounds on their latest album, Solar Panels. From old school 90’s to melodic trap, each track on the project holds poetic integrity and meaning. Free The Optimus members, C. Shreve the Professor, Mike L!ve and DJ Jet are featured on the album and also have contributed to Pragmaddix stepping unto the NC underground hip-hop scene. The two MC’s and long time friends are symbiotic in their presentation but flawlessly display contrasting styles that complement each other and each song as a whole.

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Posted by:Dazz

My name is Darien Talley aka Daz (Dazz or Dazzi) and I am the creator of Touch of Daz. My passion for entertainment is immense and I love sharing greatness with the world. Happiness is the key to success!

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