Rap Is Not Pop x Apathy

rapisnotpop-1800x1800 (2)

Apathy comes for the rap industry hardcore in his latest track, “Rap Is Not Pop”. If you have been following the rap industry lately then you will notice the influx of pop influence as rap influences pop on the other spectrum. Well Apathy doesn’t think this is cool and expresses his resentment in “Rap Is Not Pop”. He touches on rappers cross dressing for attention, having no sense of culture (hello…I touched on that over the summer here) and the saturation of pop-based rap music. I am on board with Apathy and this message because we are really losing sight of the true meaning behind hip-hop culture. While Apathy is putting the finishes touches on his next album, The Widow’s Son, this track is going to be found on his Handshakes With Snakes project releasing in January. Listen below.

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