Shoot Em Down x Mod Sun Feat. Machine Gun Kelly & Blackbear


Experimental rapper, Mod Sun, shoots ’em down with peace in his newest visual for “Shoot Em Down” featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear. The creative direction for the video places Mod Sun and MGK in a western setting with a pivotal plot line. This track is found on his 2015 debut album, Look Up, released under Rostrum Records. Mod Sun shares how the video came to be:

“From the first moment I started making this song with Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear, I envisioned a mini western movie unraveling. So, myself and Talkboy TV created a tale of two lovers who are torn away from each other by a pack of bandits. I embark on a journey through the desolate desert sands of Joshua Tree, determined to save my love from the clutches of psychotic bandits holding her captive…but my optimistic bravery takes a turn for the worst when I find myself staring down the barrel of a gun. As I take my last breath and embrace my obvious demise…Machine Gun Kelly comes riding in on a horse—and things begin to Look Up.” 

Mod is currently working on his second album and promises that it will be the best yet: “I’m working everyday on my second album and creating with some of the best producers on the planet. I’m working my ass off everyday to deliver the best Mod Sun rap album.”

Follow Mod Sun on Twitter. Purchase Look Up on iTunes.

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