ToD Interview: Charice Lundy Aims To ‘UPLIFT’ With New Magazine


Within the past year, we have seen an influx of women and girls finally taking full control of their inner and outer self, coming together to create successful safe communities on social media and in everyday life and pushing towards their dreams like never before. One woman is using her powers to push this movement forward by creating a magazine that gives advice on love, sex, money, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and more. Charice Lundy aka Soul is a 22-year-old self proclaimed goddess that is ever changing and always growing and UPLIFT Magazine is her new avenue of growth. The magazine is vibrant and aesthetically pleasing and you immediately know the publication will be good for the soul as Charice gives you 7 steps to having a good year. You will also find articles about the insight of pussy being power, loving yourself, features of artists, being hurt by others and more. For her first issue it is simply incredible and I had to know more behind the magazine and Charice herself.

What made you want to start your publication?

This idea was construed when I was home a few months ago, and I came across a ton of old magazines during the move out. I used to love them as a younger girl, but I didn’t really see the effect they had on me. Not until that day. Not often do I ever close a magazine feeling refreshed, and confident. Most times I feel ugly, and poor afterwards. Haha. Then I began to realize, that these are just ad spaces in the form of articles, to pull us in and make us feel like we need something that doesn’t really hold any true value. Makeup blurbs, who wore it better, sexiest man alive, & hey read up on this pretty rich girl – make it feel like she’s just like you! More times than not, it felt like I wasn’t reading for myself, but for the company or the person that I was reading about. When I was younger, I was buying into all of that bullshit. I was so easily influenced without even knowing. They’re so slick with it. Pulling us in while we’re young, and trying to shape us as we become older. These corporations make so much money off of our insecurities, you’d think we’d get cut a check at some point. But, I wanted to stand out from the typical magazine. That’s all for themselves, and not much for it’s readers. I didn’t want it to be your typical off the shelf, skinny celeb on the cover sorta of publication. I wanted people to really be able to connect with the content. I wanted something people could relate to, because it’s being written by your average everyday person. Going through the same shit that most people in the 20’s have to deal with. I created an outlet for readers and writers alike to uplift one another. The take away is far more deeper than a few makeup tips, or a ton of nice fashion photography of clothes that most people can’t afford. I still want to provide the dope visuals, and pleasing aesthetics but I want the words to hold value. I didn’t want to make it a popularity contest and I didn’t want my readers to feel any less of themselves after reading. I wanted to provide exposure for those who don’t have “enough” followers to get the appreciation that I feel they deserve. I believe that there’s something in this for everyone. You won’t walk away knowing who wore it better, but you’ll walk away with a piece of mind, and something that’s worth talking about and that importance sits heavy on my heart. It’s why I’ve evolved so much. I know majority of the world will always revolve around the things that don’t matter but it’s always nice to take a break from that. It’s always nice to think about yourself, and why you matter, outside of the ridiculous and shameful standards of society. It’s so deeply implanted in our minds, that sometimes we forgot to remind ourselves that we are who we are, regardless of what we’re told – how we’re supposed to be, look, talk, act, feel, live, and love – and in a way it’s hypocrisy, because I’m just telling you to think the complete opposite of what society says. Who’s to say that I’m right? Then I begin to wonder, does it feel more natural to love myself, or to hate myself. Do I change, or do I stay the same? Sometimes you feel like you just can’t win, because when you accept yourself – finally, It’s not good enough. When you aren’t being yourself that’s when everyone loves you. It’s torture. I feel that’s where a lot of people lose themselves. Myself included. So, the same way I’m guiding myself back to who I truly am with no remorse. I’m trying to guide others as well. I’m trying to pull their focus back to their own true beauty, not the beauty reflected on them from the influence of others. That’s why this honestly means so much to me, because it’s for myself as well. I’d feel selfish to do this journey alone.

You have tons of self love and target every female in your magazine which is so refreshing. You have some articles that to some might have been hard to write, did you feel vulnerable putting some of the info out like say the article about your relationship?

I wouldn’t say that the article was written about my relationship exactly. It’s certainly something that I’ve have to deal with on so many different accounts, not just romantically. That’s why I was able to provide so much insight – because it’s almost a day to day issue that I have in my life. I know that lots of other people go through the same things, especially at this age, people in their 20’s feel as though this is the most important time to be as selfish as you can be. So I wanted to break it down for the people who have a hard time understanding why others are able to treat them the way that they do but, I’m a very selfless person. I tend to think of others before myself, which naturally puts me in a vulnerable position almost all the time. So in a way, I’m comfortable with it.

How did you go about finding the individuals for your magazine and why did you choose them for the first issue?

I’ve admired so many people from afar, that I was torn on who to feature in the first issue. I began sending out emails a month ahead of time, and I got a positive response, but a lot of them weren’t really reliable. What’s funny is these were people who had quite a hefty following. I figured that maybe they just didn’t care, or maybe they were too good? Who knows. So that really made me change my mind on who I wanted to help represent in UPLIFT. The people who work just as hard, but don’t get the same appreciation as others because of their following. I knew that they’d appreciate the notion a million times more than someone who had it easier, socially speaking. There’s so many dope artists that are slept on, I’m just trying to wake people up.


Will the magazine always aim to help strengthen women or will issues have different themes? 

Every issue will have a different theme, I want it to be the modern day Chicken Soup For The Soul. There’s going to be an issue for every kind of person. So for people who purchase a physical copy each month, will have the ultimate guide whether it’s about money, sex, business, relationships, school, self love etc.

Do you want to keep the magazine online or eventually go to print as well?

I want to make it accessible to everyone, so it’s going to always be available online. The ultimate goal is to get it on the shelves in different book stores/shops. There are always going to be physical copies available for purchase and PDF’s available for self printing.

How long have you had this in the works and why decide to drop this year?

Months and months! This idea started off as something entirely different but I simply didn’t have the funds to be as great as I wanted to be. So I had to switch the plan up and exude this in a different way. What’s to come is a million times bigger than what’s here now and that’s the beauty of this all, the growth. I thought this year was a perfect new start to completely new beginnings, a new lifestyle and a healthier mind. I want others to be a part of my continuous resolution to becoming a better person this year.

What advice would you give someone that wants to start their own publication?

Never rush it and plan all the way through. You can have a great idea, but if it isn’t executed properly, and if you don’t give it your all, and aren’t really passionate about it, what’s the point? You know? You have to be the complete embodiment of your brand and really represent what you’re dishing out. If you don’t take it seriously, who else will? Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build an empire, so just be patient and always network with the right people, and surround yourself with those who support what you’re doing.


When did your passion for writing begin?

This started when I first got a Tumblr, haha. I was in middle school and my blog was nothing but short stories I conjured up, and a few personal posts here and there. My mom always made sure we spent a lot of time reading instead of watching television. So I really learned how to express myself through literature by learning from other authors.

What woman in history are you most influenced by in your day to day life?

You know, I always have trouble with questions like these – because it isn’t something that I ever think about. I’m influenced by so many people and things naturally that I never really even notice it. One woman that I just absolutely love is Ellen DeGeneres though. She radiates so much happiness and it’s so contagious. Everything that she represents is so positive and uplifting and she’s always showing love to those who aren’t big in the industry that they’re in. Plus, she’s hilarious!

What’s the number one thing you would like to see women accomplish as a whole this year?

Support support support! We have to stop looking at each other as constant competition over the things that don’t really matter! We have to stop degrading one another, making men think it’s acceptable to do the same thing. We have to build together – even if it isn’t direct. We have to reclaim and own our status when it comes to being leaders. None of this can happen without the support from each other.

What would your 12-year-old self say about the woman you have become?

Oh man, what a time it was to be 12. Haha. I would tell myself, “You can make it through 100% of any of the bad things to ever happen in your life, because you’re still here. You’ll fall and then you’ll pick yourself up and heal no matter what. You have a purpose, you’re important, and you’re beautiful even if others fail to realize that, and never cut your hair, girl!”

Charice wants to leave everyone with these words: This journey has been incredible, honestly. 5 years ago I would have never imagined to be where I am now. I’ve dealt with so much, and yet I still manage to pull through and be the best that I can be. If it weren’t for the support of everyone that’s ever showed genuine love – this would have been a million times harder. One thing that I know that I’m good at is giving back to others, and the response in return is always just amazing. I can’t give enough thanks to myself, first off – and to those who believe in me, and who push me to be better. You’re all considered angels in my eyes!

Follow Charice Lundy on Twitter. Visit her online store here.


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