ToD Interview on Cashmerely’s Who Got Next?


Tuesday morning, I got the incredible opportunity to be featured on a new underground hip-hop radio show on Power 104.4 FM from personality, Cashmerely, in Charlotte, NC called “Who Got Next?”. This is the first time I have been on the radio since May 2015 and it felt really nice to be on the airwaves even though it was over the phone. Cash went into details about my journey from starting in radio to becoming an emerging celebrity blogger. We also touched on my motivation behind ToD, an upcoming contest I have dropping soon, played a fun game of Black History Month word association and more. I had blast talking with Cash, enjoy below.

Cashmerely’s “Who Got Next?” airs Monday through Friday on Power 104.4 FM. You can listen on their website or the Tune In app by searching Power 104.4 FM. If you would like your music spun on his show, email him directly at Follow Cash on Twitter.



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