X The Artist Discusses His #CHOPSTIXX Collab


X The Artist never ceases to amaze me with the innovative work he puts out and he is always setting himself apart from an artist who only dwells in one lane. Two years ago he released an art tape entitled, ARTOMEDwhich consisted of visuals from artists that showcased live art, body paint, sculptures, percussion and music including knowledge and power. Last year he continued his journey into meshing art and music by collaborating with the biggest chopped and screwed DJ in Atlanta-The Chop God-to create a chopped project. #CHOPSTIXX has 6 tracks that run cohesively together and the tags that run throughout, “X gone give it to ya” and “Get in Chop”, complete everything to show you each of their artistry. The tape isn’t online unfortunately and I how I even got the chance to listen is X sent me the tape alongside of a phone case I ordered from him. He informed me he possibly might release the tape online but for now you have to get a physical copy from him. Besides this, I have details on the project, the process of X and Chop working together, when X first got into chopped and screwed music and more.


How did you and Chop God meet?

X: We both worked overnight at Carmax in Atlanta.

What made you want to do a tape together?

X: He is the number 1 Chopped & Screwed DJ in Atlanta. Myself as an artist I’m always scheming on marketing tools to set myself apart from other visual artists. I create album art so I thought one day, “Why not drop a mixtape that’s chopped up and create the art work for distribution physically?” It’s a perfect way to display and advertise my album art.

What was the process of choosing the selected songs for the project and why?

X: We started out with 12 songs but we knew society attention spans are not too shabby so we condensed it and listened to it months and months before releasing it. We held private listening sessions as well to witness the vibe of the tape. It was all about vibe and track transitions. We wanted to create a “true mixtape.” Most DJs nowadays just throw 16 to 22 of the current hottest songs or rappers and say this is a mixtape.

How long did it take to complete the project?

X: 2-3 months from start to finish.

I peeped the tag for you on the tape was, “X Gone Give It To Ya”, which is from DMX. Is he your favorite artist or was it just perfect to use?

X: He is definitely one of my top artists ever. He had passion and realness and that’s missing in a lot of today’s mainstream. It sucks his demons are winning today in regards to his creativity and exposure.

When did your love for chopped and screwed music come about?

X: I’m from Brooklyn but my ex loved chopped and screwed music in high school. She had all the Slim Thug and of course, MIKE JONES. WHO? MIKE JONES. 281-330-8004.

Will you and Chop come together for another tape? What kind of vibes would you want for the next one?

X: SAME VIBES AND POSSIBLY END OF 2016…who knows but (G)od.

What’s next on your plate?

X: Right now my main focus is art and my brand. I am manifesting an art show overseas in 2016 so stay tuned for details on that.

X wants to leave everyone with these words: Stay bless, stay balance and always keep the (+) over the (-) .
“Shine bright, live right”. 

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