ToD Feature: Gold Racks Vintage Apparel


No matter what economic status you might be, there’s nothing like finding a rad vintage piece from your local thrift shop. It’s even better when you find that Backstreet Boys concert tee from the 90’s you never got a chance to cop from a vintage thrift store based online. In my opinion, shopping online is so much better than driving to the store (minus the shipping charges) because you can browse for hours and find anything! Gold Racks Apparel is an online vintage shop that really has the best selection of vintage that I have seen online. I have no idea how they find these pieces but they should never tell their secret because their inventory is incredible. From rare starter jackets from the NBA to a dope selection of jerseys, you will find your next addition to your closet.

Gold Racks was created in 2015 by three friends out of Burlington, NC-Josue “Sway”, Mario “Leezy” and Greg Cates “Gac”. They pride themselves in having the best selection of vintage baseball, basketball, hockey jerseys, button ups, sneakers, snapbacks, vintage posters(coming soon), sports jackets, windbreakers and etc. They even have came out with Gold Racks windbreakers which was a good move. Check out some pieces they have to offer and click the link below to see even more.

Who loves me enough to buy me a jersey?

Check out their website and buy a few items here. Follow their Twitter for updates.

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