ToD Review: #FOOD2 x Dapa Don

Album Cover

It’s only right that Brooklyn native, Dapa Don, starts off the second installment of his #FOOD series with Notorious B.I.G’s famous, “…Niggas is trying to eat, that’s all I look at it as, niggas want food…” Then enters a piano, smooth melodies and Dapa to bring in the mood for the tape. It doesn’t take long for him to give us something to turn up to as “Gone On Em” comes in full force giving us another sound that Dap can master. He makes sure to not leave the ladies out with tracks like “Nothing On U” (my favorite by the way) and “End Of Time” which is appreciated because unless you’re a singer, most rappers leave us out and just want to make music for the trappers. He recruits some of the best from New York to assist on the tape such as Tray Pizzy, Wordsmiff, JY, Billy Bada$$, Kadeem King and more.  #FOOD2 is 15 tracks of versatility and shows the growth that Dapa has obtained since #FOOD was released in 2014. He took his time to create this project and it’s a good thing he did because it is a substantial mark for his 2016 career. Eat #FOOD2 below.

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