ToD Interview: Diani Ellison


Diani Ellison

Two years ago, myself and a photographer by the name of Diani Ellison, met in Charlotte, NC to create our first shoot together and also chopped it up about her photography brand that was then called, centrvlXchnge. We had both went to The University of South Carolina at Aiken back in 2011 and only knew of each other through a mutual friend. I am still not sure how we got connected again but ever since then we have built our own friendship and bond. As some of you may know, March is Women’s History Month and I will be highlighting women entrepreneurs and creatives the entire month on ToD. Diani is the first woman I would like to feature and catch up with her and her craft two years later.

ToD: How have you progressed since you started photography in 2014?

DE: I have grown a lot personally which played a huge role in myself as an artist. I have studied more and honestly built more courage to do things and explore more into my creative mindset. My level of passion for what I do has increased tenfold.

ToD: You have gone through different name changes and directions with your brand since 2013. Why is that and do you think you have the found the right name and focus for your brand? 
DE: I have changed my name about three times, this being the third time I believe and it was because I was just starting and was not sure where I wanted to go. I prayed on it and allowed God to steer me to ThirdLenz. I am very much a strong believer of energy and vibes and seeing things, well life, with your “third eye” and I want my photography to help others see things they never have thought of, experienced or etc.
ToD: How did you get the opportunity to shoot product placement for Happy Juice?
DE: Well, the pictures I have of Happy Juice are at an event by DJ B Lord. I would love to work with Happy Juice within the near future!
ToD: What is one goal you hope to accomplish this year in regards to photography?
DE: Possibly having a picture of mine published. Also, I would like to branch out and work with more artists. I love shooting artists in the studio or just seeing them in their element while I am in mine-it creates this crazy energy.
ToD: Is there a photographer out right now that you are following that inspires you?
DE: Yes, Raven B. Her name is ‘Ravieb’ on Instagram and she is a big inspiration for me. She is Futures’ personal photographer and is just overall amazing. Plus, she is a female photographer running it in a very male dominated field. She’s amazing.
ToD: What are some techniques that you would like to try this year to expand your experience?
DE: Lately I have been into optical illusion photography. I have a lot of things up my sleeves that I’m not to ready to share but just know I am ready to take what is mine.
ToD: Are there any models or tastemakers you are looking to shooting with this year? 
DE: Well, I would love to shoot with my amazing friend DJ Daz again but right now, I am open to anything. I’ve lived by restriction so much in my creativity I am open for it all.
Diani wants to leave everyone with these last words: Thank you for this interview! Praying this year is full of success from not just me but every artist out here that is trying to make it with little support. Much love.

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