ToD Exclusive: Statement x Th3 Higher

th3 Higher - Statement cover art

Th3 Higher has been putting in work when it comes to the Charlotte hip-hop scene by creating a platform for artists to showcase their talents with an open mic series called “MFGD” and collaborating with like-minded taste makers to bring a unity within the city. Th3 Higher will be giving you a weekly dosage of dopeness to keep fans satisfied and to build some motivation for others. The first offering of heat is “Statement” which is a reply to their CIAA show being shut down by the police department of Charlotte. Listen below and stay tuned for next’s week track.

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2 thoughts on “ToD Exclusive: Statement x Th3 Higher

  1. #MFGD is a awesome way to show your talent. I came from Mansfield,Ohio . Ever since the first time i walked in it was nonothing but love . MFGD is where its at an i am glad to be apart of it.

    Tank You
    sincerly , Koogi Kaillou

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