ToD Interview: Rasheda Mills of BarCode Solutions



I was never the girl to be big into the club scene, I preferred house parties over paying to party, but during the Summer of 2014 I took up a job as a barback at a popular club at the time, 935. I helped the bartenders behind the bar with stocking, running for bottles, helping to clean and more. It was really fun to basically get paid to party instead of the other way around and I eventually wanted to get into bartending. However, I never took the chance to begin that journey and now it’s a distant memory.

Rasheda Mills is a 27 year old entrepreneur who took her bartending job to the next level from running the bar to providing services such as event coordinating, event staffing, bartending certifications and etc. Her business, BarCode Solutions, has been going strong since 2012 and is the top source in Charlotte to either start your bartending journey with her bartending school or have your event be the most poppin’ with her event services. I commend and respect Rasheda for taking her experiences and making them into a profitable business all while providing jobs to others. Get to know about her and BarCode Solutions below.

T0D: What sparked your interest in bartending and where did you get your start?

RM: Bartending provided a luxury lifestyle and it also allowed flexibility. I began bartending in Charlotte in 2009-shortly after I moved to Atlanta which changed my perspective of the night life industry.

ToD: When did you begin your company?

RM: BarCode was established in 2012, I decided to make things more professional after providing an array of services for local nightclubs and started the school along with the staffing agency. After years of bartending and many individuals asking how to get started I decided to teach the craft.

Rasheda Mills, owner of BarCode Solutions

ToD: How did you obtain the resources to provide classes and jobs to aspiring bartenders?

RM: I built a respectable reputation and rapport with headlining promoters and venue owners. My work ethic and background knowledge allowed those individuals to trust me with their projects.

ToD: What is the biggest event your company has been apart of? What were some of the challenges you faced within this event? How did you move past them to continue your successful event?

RM: BarCode has covered CIAA events since 2012 and this past February. This year alone we serviced 25 parties and staffed 50 professionals. These events are always hectic with adding so many venues to our calendar and there is only one of me (lol). To ensure a successful event, mini me’s or assistants are appointed to coordinate things as if I were in the building.

ToD: What else would you like for your company to provide in the future?

RM: I see BarCode being one of the nations top bar staffing companies for all of your headlining and prominent events. Not only do we provide attractive staff but their work ethic and integrity trumps all of our competitors. In the near future I would like to own a lounge or bar, I practically have learned or assisted with all of the Intel with events and establishments, so why not!?

ToD: What is your favorite mixed drink to make?

RM: I like to make specialty drinks because every customer is different. You have to be personable to get a feel for your customer, make something that fits just them and your tips will roll in.

ToD: What advice would you give another black woman that is trying to find the confidence in starting her business or career journey?

RM: One word: FAITH! You have to trust what God has instilled in you, including your visions. He has already ordained for you to be successful but your faith will determine your footwork to getting things done!

ToD: What is the best feeling about being an entrepreneur? 

RM: Becoming an entrepreneur has allowed me to be a better mother, allowed me to change my sons perspective on ownership, by not only just telling him but the opportunity for him to be apart of the journey along the way.

Rasheda wants to leave everyone with these last words: Anything is possible. I went from an aspiring communications major, to bartender to business owner! Never get discouraged because your path is not set in stone, but be patient. You never know what testimony God will give you!

For more about BarCode Solutions, check out the website here.


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