Noise In The Hood Underground Music Festival 2016 Lineup



After going back and forth with AEG’s Coachella, Kamil Al-Ahdali-the founder and CEO of the previously known Hoodchella Underground Music Festival-has released the lineup for Noise In The Hood Underground Music Festival. Last year, the independent music festival showcased over 60 underground artists from local to around the world performing in a 16 hour, all day and night event. This year with the expansion of their popularity, NITH will be spanning over three days starting April 8th to 10th.

NITH is responsible for debuting A$AP Rocky’s newly signed artist, Playboi Carti, at the first event and there was a completely unexpected appearance from Xavier Wulf of the SeshHollowWaterBoyz. There were also many well known socialites that also made an appearance such as Ian Connor, Skepta of OVO, members of Keith Ape’s collective “Rebel Life” and more. Those people alone will make you want to attend this year to scope who pops up. NITH received over 4,000 submissions and have over 100 artists scheduled to perform in April. Along with performances, attendants will expect to find the best food that L.A. has to offer, live art installations, local vendors selling art, jewelry, clothing and etc. Below, you will find a video showing the artists gracing the event this year.

Kamil will be donating a percentage of the profits from NITH to A Place Called Homewhich is an organization in South Central, L.A. that provides educational programs, counseling and mentoring for children and teens 8-21 years old. Kamil says this of giving back to the program:

“Our goal is to set a positive example to the youth no matter what the circumstances may be and show them that hard work & will power leads you to success. We aim to help provide at least 60 children with the opportunity to go on a field trip.”

If you are in L.A. and can make it to Noise In The Hood UMF this April, I would without a doubt go. You can purchase tickets and find out more about NITH here.  Follow NITH on Twitter.


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