Cranberry Applejuice x BlaccOut Garrison


Nearly a year and a half after his debut EP, Hungry Soulful, BlaccOut (Balance Life And Continue Climbing OUT) Garrison takes on a completely different sound for his newest project, Cranberry Applejuice. The Minnesota artist migrates from being soulful to raw and reflective and creating a theme of “balance” for his sophomore debut. Telling everyday stories of just wanting to live his life and not get “Gray Hairs” to not giving all your energy at once on “The Spilled Concentrate”, there’s a message for everyone. The EP contains features from Tallulah, Louisiana’s own, Tone, and Florida’s own Mike SB with various producers including DJ Grumble and BluffGawd. Garrison closes out the project with “Bittersweet” as a sin induced reflection calling out for love. It’s a great ending to Cranberry Applejuice with a “Many Men” reference in the bridge to seal the deal. Garrison pays homage to the lives lost over the past few years due to police brutality and racism and the struggles of Black Lives Matter protesters in the cover art. Digging deeper into individual life, Garrison wanted to show that everyone goes through triumphs and struggles, which in general could be considered as “bittersweet”. The theme that is represented in the music is what is behind the bitter/tart cranberry + sweeter applejuice combination. The cranberries also represent the love that is in all of us while the woman and snake represent temptation always being present. This project is so solid and deserves a listen.

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