INTROverted x Elzhi

Elzhi- Lead Posion Album Artwork

“You got some shit, but wait ’til mines drop!” says Elzhi in his latest single for his now dropped album, Lead Poison. The Detroit rapper, who got his start alongside Dilla in Slum Village, released “INTROverted” yesterday to stir the pot once more before the release. From feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, lacking interest and comfort in social settings and feeling isolated, “INTROverted” encapsulates the concept of Lead Poison as an entity. While the flow and lyricism remain as impeccable as ever, Elzhi tries to evade dark clouds and pours out his heart, “Dear fans I wrote this around empty beer cans, in the mix, getting twisted like engineer hands.”

Lead Poison is now available on iTunes. It will also be streaming thru Apple Music from March 25th to March 31st.

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