ToD Recap: Pop Sh%t Featuring Nitty Scott & Distortedd


This past Saturday I took a break from my boring Connecticut life to have a good time in Chinatown at an art event that I had been waiting to attend for two months. The event was an art party to be exact, presented by Married To The Mob and featuring Distortedd & Nitty Scott, and it was too hype! I arrived at the location a little early so I could interview Distortedd before the event but like events can be, it was hectic and I had to wait until the end of the show. No big deal for me because I planned to leave early and it forced me to enjoy the whole night. In the midst of everyone running around, I introduced myself to some people around me and this ended up with me befriending them for the night. More people started to fill in and the DJ started to get his equipment and sound set up as Distortedd sold her prints. At first, the event started slow but it picked up rather quickly. A projector starts with Distrotedd’s visuals flashing on a white wall, the lights get low and the music gets loud: the party has started. Nitty Scott is a female emcee from NY that is eccentric and carefree with a lot of sass. She performed tracks from her upcoming project, Creature, and she really killed it. At one point I got pulled into the area she was performing in by her dancers and I went crazy. Her energy was amazing and she could really take on any male rapper. I also enjoyed her dancers as they added on to the energy by incorporating yoga sun salutation poses throughout the performance. The party turnt up a little more after Nitty’s performance and it came to an end. Afterwards, I got my interview with Distortedd, said bye to my new associates and went back home. I give the event at 10/10 for the simple fact that the women held it down and presented a live event. Below is a recap video from Versus & Company from the night. You can also check out some pics I snapped of Nitty performing below.

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