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Cambatta Breaks Down “The Womb” For Rap Genius


Cambatta’s metaphorical riddle that is his track “The Womb” will have you in a doozy if you can’t decipher multi-layered entendres quickly but have no fear. The New Haven, CT artist breaks down the track from his new album, Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definite MetaGod Trilogy) for Rap Genius. After a joke about NASA wanting him to open a black hole, Cambatta gets straight into every single message found within “The Womb”. First, I would advise to listen to the track itself below and then after the jump watch Cambatta break it down. Enjoy.

Purchase or stream Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definite MetaGod Trilogy) here.  Follow Cambatta on Twitter.


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