Marlboro native, Rodd.D, literally went to a strip club, left and wrote a song about it. That’s the story he entails in his newest single, “Last Night”, with the Novi Guap directed  video to match the track. This will be found on his upcoming project, 11:59 and Rodd.D has this to say of the single:

“It’s all going to make more sense once the project is out completely. “Last Night” is just one small part of the story that’s 11:59 PM. I want to bring back the essence of storytelling. Not telling lies(like most hip-hop songs now), but genuine storytelling. “Last Night” really came the night after my first visit to a strip club. Keep following the story.”

Experience Rodd’s first strip club encounter below and stay tuned for 11:59. 

Posted by:Dazz

My name is Darien Talley aka Daz (Dazz or Dazzi) and I am the creator of Touch of Daz. My passion for entertainment is immense and I love sharing greatness with the world. Happiness is the key to success!

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