Fre$h Touch Featuring Harvest Male

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A man that loves to put on a nice suit or always takes his time to look dapper, is my kind of man. A man that can do the latter and do it on a budget, is even more my kind of man. Harvest Male, created by Andrea Henderson, is a brand allowing men (and even women) to add high-quality yet affordable bow ties and lapel pins to their outfit of choice. In this post I will be showing how a woman can style a bow tie and lapels because I’ve always loved to see women in what is considered menswear. Harvest Male has new colors and patterns that will be arriving just in time for summer.

Lapel Pins (left to right): Butternut, Red, Pewter

“It represents the “regular guy” who is stylish (or aspires to be) and frugal so he doesn’t have to spend a ton of money even though he wants to look like he might have”, says Andrea. “The products allow wearers to follow a “high/low” approach to style; meaning that they can accessorize a quality suit with inexpensive accessories to add a pop of style and color”.

Andrea has drawn inspiration from her father and son to help mold the Harvest Male brand into what it represents. Her father left a strong legacy of being a southern gentleman and statesman. Not only was he a civil servant but he also went on to be mayor of his hometown in SC, which of course meant he had to be dapper. Even before becoming mayor, Andrea remembers him as always having a unique style and instilling core values into his family such as duty, honor, respect, hard work and serving the community.

bow tree
Harvest Male Black Bow Tie

The direct inspiration for Harvest Male comes from Andrea’s son who also has a unique yet evolving sense of style. What sparked Andrea to create Harvest Male was actually from an everyday situation. Her son’s coach invited him to his wedding and he wanted a nice suit that didn’t look old and stodgy. After shopping for the suit and seeing that his fellow teammates were dressed similarly, the idea for the brand was born. “My son weighs in on the products with a thumbs up or thumbs down since he is connected to the younger end of our target demographic.”

white lapel
Style all 3 lapels together for a dramatic floral look

The silk lapel pins in butternut and pewter not only feel nice to the touch but also give a subtle yet noticeable addition to an outfit. The red lapel pin is more of a fabric and I liked adding the red into the mix of butternut and pewter because of the pop of color and to mix fabrics (it’s the little details). If you want to get even more creative, wear a nice patterned bottom to offset the lapels and draw even more attention to them. I chose to wear my blue and white checkered H&M pants to really make the red standout. My choice of Guess sandals tied back to the butternut and pewter lapels.


Lapel pins aren’t only for blazers! You can add them to your favorite denim jacket if you don’t have any cool pins for a more sophisticated, modern vibe.

lapel denim

The silk black bow tie is a must have and it has a side clip so you don’t have to worry about spending time actually putting the tie on. It also has an adjustable strap to size for comfort. It looked super sleek paired with my bow detail shirt from Nasty Gal and fringe skirt from Missguided. Of course, adding a blazer pulled it all together.

big tree

Men and women can both enjoy accessories from Harvest Male without breaking the bank. A wearer of Harvest Male goes beyond just dressing for the office or a special occasion, this is for the everyday person who can’t say no to style. Harvest Male can be purchased on  or you can also find them on Amazon. You will not be disappointed with the quality and they will uphold for years to come.

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