5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Unmotivated Slump


I wish I could happily say that I am always motivated in life in pertaining to my goals but I would be lying. There are some days when I just do not even want to open my computer and publish an article or even leave the house for that matter. Everyone has had those moments where they feel unmotivated but I am here to help. Within the last year since relocating I have found myself in more unmotivated slumps than normal and instead of beating myself up about it, I had to realize why I felt this way. For starters, I had to adjust to being alone and not having tons of people around me, pushing me to be better and produce. I’m also still in the process of finding myself and that will take over my entire thought process and cloud any creative juices that I do have. I’m still not sure if that is a good or bad thing but at least I’m not overworking myself. I also found that being in a new area means that new ideas are always coming forward-so much that they are overwhelming and I shut down trying to process them. Self-reflection is the best way to start but if you need a little more motivation, here are 5 ways to get you out of that nasty slump.

  • Remember How Far You Have Come

Even if you started something yesterday, hello, you started it! That right there is an accomplishment within itself. When following your goals in life you have to always remember why, how and when you started to begin the process. This is not just a good tip to get you out of your creative slump but also if you are getting too much of the big head. Sometimes we need to look at our humble beginnings to remind us of how hard we had to work to get there and how fast it could crumble if we are not careful.

  • There Is ALWAYS Someone Watching

I know it is totally creepy to think about someone watching you but trust me, people are always watching! Always be prepared to look and do your best. I can not count the times a person has come up to me and started talking to me about a recent interview I had done or even just someone asking me if I really was Daz and thinking, “How the hell do they know me? How did they find me?” Just because you might think only getting 5 likes on your latest masterpiece is nothing compared to thousands of likes, you have no idea who those 5 people might be. One of them might be your friend or one of them could be the reason you become famous. You never know, which is why you never stop producing work, and this leads to the next advice.

  • Opportunities Come When Least Expected

This goes hand in hand with the above advice but it does not make it any less true. That one person who is watching you everyday to see what your next brilliant step will be is probably waiting to present you with the best offer of your entire life. I have also had this happen to me several times in life. I recall one time doing my radio show and it was a total normal show, with me interviewing a local from the Charlotte scene and giving the people dope vibes. Not even 15 mins of me closing up my show, I had an email from an event planner asking if I would host their next event. The fact that I was on point and kept my show professional, I was offered an opportunity that was consistent and lucrative. Never half step on anything!

  • If You Can Not Find “It” Within, Look Outward (Vice Versa) 

As stated above, one of my issues was me adjusting to having outside forces motivate and push me to continue my goals but sometimes it is the other way around. For others, all of their motivation comes from within or their direct environment. If you can not seem to conjure anything from within, why not drive to that restaurant you have been wanting to try and get something new to refresh your brain and create new memories. Get a group of friends together and express to them you need to cook up some inspiration and see if they can help. There is no reason to hold your frustrations in of not being able to get anything out to the world if it is just a simple task of stepping out your zone. If you have too many people around you trying to direct your next move, step back, take everything into consideration and do what is best for you. Look within. Look outward.

  • Manifest! 

Your world is what you make it and if you manifest every single goal and speak on it everyday, there is no way you can stay in your slump for long. Not only do manifestations happen every day but the more you actually believe that your goals will come to reality and be accomplished, you will be motivated to keep going. The thought of success alone is enough to get you going. Just think about that new BMW parked outside your mansion in the next 5 years if you just finish that new song. For all you know, Kanye could be watching you and next you are in his new Yeezy campaign because you manifested the idea of modeling for him from your friends telling you you could and you remembered that one time you modeled for a school fashion show. See how that all came together?

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