Fre$h Touch Featuring Porscha March of Janee Gold


What better way to start a company than by making sure it embodies your entire existence and can be relatable to a mass audience. Porscha March did just that when she began the inner workings of her clothing brand, Janee Gold. Janee Gold is for the edgy, chic woman who wants to look casual but feel sexy, which is a direct reflection of Porscha’s own personal style. She even carefully chose the name for the brand by taking her middle name and identifying with the term “gold” which is associated with prosperity, success, positivity and transformation to create a name that represented herself while simultaneously revealing all that she wanted the store to be. With only a month in, the Jersey native by way of Miami, already has her sights on expansion to menswear, kids wear and more. Below Porscha shares why she started Janee Gold, how she plans to reach the next level, her everyday style of choice and more.

ToD: Other than wanting to provide personal style for others, what was a motivating factor in starting Janee Gold?

P: I was motivated to start my own store because I wanted to be my own boss. I worked in retail for the past 4 years which allowed me to see all aspects of running a store. It also helped me to see what I would do differently in order to provide the best for customers. I love fashion. I went from wanting to be a model to a stylist, but I just felt like it still didn’t encompass all that I wanted for myself. I’m all about balance so having my online store allows me to be an owner, model, stylist and so much more. I get to do a little bit of everything.

Porscha March

ToD: How has your business done since launching last month? How are you promoting your business?

P: Since I launched on April 15th, sales have been slow. I expected that because it is the beginning and I am still trying to get my brand out there. My store has its own Instagram page, I also promote on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Social media is one of the greatest resources especially for an online store. I feel as though the best way my business will grow is through word of mouth.

ToD: For now you provide for the sexy, chic female but you have plans on expanding to menswear, kidswear, accessories, plus-size and more. How do you plan on getting to this level?

P: I do plan on expanding my line to include men’s, plus sizes, kids and tall. I want to first get myself established and build credibility with my women’s clothing before I start moving forward. My plan is to launch my men’s line later this year and add expansions twice every year.

“Midnight Love” & “Desert Storm” Dress

ToD: What is your everyday style like? What is one item you can not live without?

P: I describe my style as edgy chic. I’m a perfect combination of both. On a typical day, I’m usually wearing something oversized. I always pair something tight with something more loose fitted, that’s my thing. I mainly wear neutral colors, every now and then I wear color. I cannot live without my black oversized shirt, it’s my staple.

ToD: Who is your fashion icon and why?

P: My fashion icon is Sherlinlyn on Instagram…Instagram, I know right? Most people have this super famous celebrity that they admire but she’s not, which in my eyes makes her a little more relatable and authentic.

ToD: What brand would you like to collab with creatively and what would you produce?

P: I would love to partner with L’Agence, which is a brand known for their superb denim. I used to work at Nordstrom and that’s where I was introduced to the brand and I also met a representative from the company. Their jeans are amazing but being 5’9, the jeans are short on me and look like capris. I want to collaborate with them and create a line of denim geared for tall women. It’s sad that tall women have to miss out on such a great quality jean just because it’s too short on them. I would name our collaboration “Janee L’Agence” (Ja-nay La-gance).

“Achromatic Skirt” & “NYFW Tee”

ToD: As you expand, will you remain online or transition to a store front?

P: I definitely want to expand and open a physical store somewhere in either Wynwood or Miami. I’m giving myself a few years but it’s definitely something I have thought about a million times.

Porscha wants to leave everyone with these last words: I always like to stress to people how important it is to believe in yourself. It took me awhile to get to this point where I actually believed in myself enough to go through with opening my store. Months ago, all this was just on paper, now it’s a reality. Your mindset is key. I literally rearranged my life and everything starting falling into place. Believe, Believe, Believe!

Follow Porscha on Twitter. Make sure to cop your next must have from Janee Gold here.

“Spaced Out” & “Olivia” Bomber Jackets

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