ToD Recap: 50/50 Music Festival


Yesterday was Sunday Funday in Brooklyn as the 50/50 Music Festival went down at The Paperbox NYC featuring over 30 acts on three different stages. The traffic was light on my drive to the city because it was a Sunday so I knew the evening would be promising. I arrived around 4:30 and found a great parking spot…another sign of a good night. The Paperbox is a pretty big venue with two spaces-the main room that you first enter has a stage and bar with a door leading outside and the room to the left has a stage. I mingled in the main room first and when I walked in a performance was going on by D.R.U.G. I chilled by the bar with a nice Patron shot and waited to see who was next. A queen by the name of June Source blessed the stage with a gorgeous, large afro and she began her set by doing covers of old R&B hits, working her way into her own original content. The ladies continued to hold it down as a West Indian ting named, Tiffany Denise, came to shake up the stage and her energy actually had me up out of my seat.


After her performance, I heard the outside area getting lit so I made my way back there to see what was going on. I didn’t catch the name of the artist currently on but he also had high energy and had the attention of the crowd. Near the back wall was a catering company called the The Palate Pleaser Co. which I thought was the cutest name. Owner, Tiffany Williams, had chicken, stuffed shells, macaroni and cheese, rice and more for sale. I made sure to get a plate and I thought it was made very well-I got a card just in case. While I was eating a performance by Arlis Michaels was under way. He is an artist and creator of YouTube show, The Professional Chiller. He brought special guests for his set but one in particular caught my attention and it was yet another lady holding it down named, Angel Face. She stood her ground with the men in her set and her style was on point. The other artist Arlis brought on had the perfect DJ and hypeman and they really pushed his performance.

In between all of this I ran into the homie Chad Law who was one of the curators for the 50/50 Music Festival by way of his Earwaxx Sessions brand. He had an artist out there who is actually from Connecticut, so I thought that was really dope. His name was Dutch The Dreamer and his vibe went from party to personal as he opened up to the audience about life in CT. It’s nice to know there’s another dope rapper holding it down for the state I now reside. The last performance outside definitely wasn’t one to be forgotten as Lex Lavo repped East Harlem. His tattos were sick as he sported Pablo Escobar on his left hand which kept my attention during the performance. His track “In The Kitchen” had me hooked and I’m going to def need that on my iTunes. He ended everything off with a great freestyle which I appreciated because it’s like rappers aren’t the best at freestyling anymore.

No Malice was the headliner for the night and I only got to catch one song before I got a phone call and then got stuck outside mingling again. My biggest enjoyment of events is always meeting the underground talent anyway and see who’s really out here moving the streets. This is another event I will give a 10/10. Watch my recap video of the event via Snapchat.

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