Long Story Short x Shorts


White Plains, NY rapper, Shorts, releases his new EP, Long Story Short, that exudes confidence, smooth beats and common sense lyrics. The title of the EP is perfect as Shorts really uses the 6 tracks to put a lens on specific experiences of life. There are only two features on the project from Breeze Mantana and Kayne Precise and comes on the heels of two video releases for “Good Space” and “Money”. Shorts has this to say about Long Story Short: 

“Long story short is a common phrase used to sum things up or conclude an idea. It’s a phrase I happen to use often and recently I’ve been reminded by family that I’ve been using it for a while now. I’m a very direct/to the point type of person so the title/ideology of Long Story Short coincides well with who I am as an individual. Inspiration for this project all came from real life events… new encounters/breakups/disappointment/daily experiences…all played a part during the creative process… as the process took place, it created a brief story line, hence the title.”

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