Ghost In The Sunshine/Wizard of Dons x Hus Kingpin


Hus Kingpin aka Lord Wavy is a NYC representaive doing big things out in LA now and today he has released a dual visual for his tracks, “Ghost In The Sunshine” and “Wizard of Dons”. We find the front man of #TheWinners crew starting off the short film with lyrics such as, “How everybody a killer until they got shot? Laying on they back staring at the sun”, which directly relates to the “Ghost In The Sunshine” title. The first track is contemplative in nature and the second is mellow and one you can definitely light up to. These scenes are from a new movie musical he’s putting together entitled, Lord Wavy, and chapters 3 and 4 will be out soon. Watch as Hus blesses listeners with lyrical dexterity and penmanship that they all know him for.

Hus is also working on an untitled project with Big Ghost that will be dropping later this summer.

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