Dazzi Recommends: Fight x Scuzz Ortegé

unnamed (4)

South Bronx native, Scuzz Ortegé, cultivates his debut project, Fight, aesthetically and musically from his environment growing up in NY. The artwork for the project is symbolic of the day to day life of a child living through rough circumstances. At first you see a grenade as the centerpiece but a closer look reveals it is also a .25 juice or “quarter water” that are common in low income areas but reminds Scuzz of his childhood. Both aspects represent the innocence yet ignorance of being a child-one minute you are playing tag with your friend and the next you are sipping your juice wondering why he will never come back out to play. Fight is 5 tracks of who Scuzz is in his neighborhood, himself as an artist and where he’s going in the near future.

Scuzz is also providing listeners with their own survival crate equipped with 3 stickers (1 logo, 1 grenade artwork, 1 “Fight” text), 1 silk scarf/flag, 1 flash drive card, 1 thank you note and 1 music video (Cörner). The packaging itself is a matte black wooden box with laser engraved font made to look like a grenade crate. You can contact Scuzz directly for your own.

Follow Scuzz Ortegé on Twitter.

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