You Can’t Make Money When You’re Beefing


There’s nothing worse than losing out on money from situations you can’t control but you really feel like a dunce when that happens over a moment you could have prevented. If your career is also involved that’s just a double whammy. Hip-hop beefs have been a fun and effective tactic to keep the culture alive at certain points but what happens when beef gets in the way of money? Especially when this happens in the underground scene where a beef could mean the death of your career. Upcoming rappers might look to people such as Drake who can have a beef here and there to boost his sales or push some other campaign, even if it is unintentional, but they can not do the same. An artist like Drake has built his fanbase for many years and is known across the globe. You also have the other end of the spectrum where we have even seen big names fall off because of a beef but we’re not here to highlight them. The local or underground rapper however can’t necessarily afford to have beef. You could lose your entire following over a misunderstanding, with everyone choosing the opposing team because they might be more popping or makes better music than you. No one likes a messy artist and if fans start to see that you’re always in drama, they will eventually go away. Having no fans equates to not reaching a bigger audience which in turn means no money for you.

What happens when beef finds it ways into shows or events? The show gets shut down early, innocent lives could be at risk, you’ve made a bad impression to the owner and people will be hesitant to come to a future show. Let’s just break those down. Not only did everyone spend time getting toasty before the show so they can have a super good time but they could’ve also paid for this show. So their buzz is more than likely gone because of a bullsh*t fight and they just wasted their money. Innocent lives are also in danger because of these type of actions. They don’t deserve that when all they were expecting was a great time. The owner will never again let you use their venue and will tell other venue owners about the situation plus, it makes it harder for other artists to perform throughout a city. In the end, everyone loses-but especially you.

Beefing is just an embarrassment all within itself. Grow up a little and learn when to just walk away. Sure everyone has had that one predicament where they just had to be the petty person or initiate a fight but it’s how you learn from those moments and change how you react in the future. Other artists or creatives will not want to work with you if you can’t learn to be an adult. Everyone is trying to make it but you can’t have people around that’s always in some drama. They will just embarrass you in the long run and now you look dumb for having them around. Don’t miss lucrative opportunities because you don’t know how to save face.

In short, beefing gets you nowhere but staying at the bottom and broke. Beyoncè said it herself, “always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper” and my favorite from Biggie, “f**k b***hes, get money”.



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