We Love Us x Ric Wilson Feat. David Ellis & Daryn Alexus

Ric Wilson We Love Us Artwork

Ric Wilson is a 21-year-old artist, performer, humanitarian, and prison abolitionist from the Southside of Chicago. Unity is his mission and he stays right on track with his vision by releasing a new single from his forthcoming project, Soul Bounce EP. “We Love Us” helps to manifest the sometimes forgotten idea that as a people we must stick together and love one another because no one else will. Wilson tells Mass Appeal, “When I wrote “We Love Us” I was thinking of the African Diaspora. I was thinking about how black life is compared to stolen materialistic items every day.  I was thinking about how we live in an anti-black world and are thought to hate ourselves and thought about how we love us and are still here through everything. Black is beautiful and powerful; not a curse but magic.

Wilson was one of eight delegates chosen to travel to Geneva, Switzerland in November of 2014 to represent the We Charge Genocide coalition. The coalition successfully presented a shadow report and testified at the United Nations, charging the Chicago Police Department with genocide and torture actions on Black and brown youth within the city of Chicago; helping to create a worldwide connection that resulted in coverage all over the US and internationally as well. He is a much needed role model for the community that hopefully is inspiring others to make changes within their local area.

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