ToD Exclusive: Bombers & Bodysuits x Johnny Lifted (EP)


Riding off his recent “New Wave Freestyle” that exclusively premiered on ToD, Johnny Lifted, brings in his debut EP, Bombers & Bodysuits. The 4-track project looks into the life of Lifted and represents four emotions: the love, the trap, the turn up and the truth. He starts it off with a sample from “Hotline Bling” to assist with introducing BBS and his wanting to show a lady he’s all she needs. “2nd Place” respectfully holds the spot for the second track as Lifted prays to the Lord he never comes behind anyone. He takes us into his personal “Zone” next as we’re enchanted with the production on this one and it’s a great track to burn one to. There’s also a Touch of Daz reference on it :). He ends it with the heavenly inspired “Prey” as he warns the fakes he can see right through them and they will become his next meal. The entire project was produced by DarwinFYS. Lifted is inspired by the culture and lifestyle of Tokyo which you can hear throughout the production of this EP. The Charlotte artist has this to say of his debut:

“It’s (BBS) something to vibe to and gives you a better understanding of Lifted. This is a pre-game for OFNW (OldFlameNewWave)  and it’s going to be a different sound. BBS was just something to hold fans for the wavy tunes to come.”

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