Teen Vouge & Nike Present: Allyson Felix at Niketown


Last night I got the opportunity to head to Niketown in Manhattan for a special event sponsored by Teen Vogue coordinated with Nike’s newest Tech Pack collection and track and field sprinter, Allyson Felix. Allyson is an Olympian, gold medalist, world champion plus more and last night we all got an inside look into her personal style.


The event was from 6-8 pm and traffic wasn’t even an issue of getting there but more so the rain! It was like a hurricane was happening outside and even though I parked across the street…my Air Max’s got soaked! Talk about gross but let me not digress. I arrive inside and everything is pretty organized in regards to checking in and seating. The DJ made sure to keep us alive as she mixed popular hip-hop with electronic. Everything didn’t officially start until about 7:15-:30 which made people very antsy. Teen Vogue accessories editor, Kirby Marzec, was the host for the event as she introduced herself and then Allyson. Kirby was sporting one of the new sweaters from Nike’s Tech Pack collection paired with black oversized trousers and classic white Nike’s with an iridescent check. The Olympian stepped out in the white version of the same sweater our host was wearing with black and white leggings and a pair of Roshes. They were both pretty casual yet clean.

Kirby gets into the questions right away and first asks Allyson what her style is like off the track and beyond training and she loves to wear skinny jeans and sneaks (of course) just like the rest of us. With over 350 pairs of sneakers, I would be wearing them everyday as well. This question led to where her passion of sneakers began and by my surprise, Felix reveals that basketball was her first passion and the Jordan 11’s were her favorite. She stated that growing up she wasn’t able to buy her favorite sneakers and I bet now it makes her overjoyed she has more than there are days in the year. Next, Kirby wanted to know what it was like competing in Rio and with other female athletes. “The female athletes in Rio are amazing. Everyone was very supportive of each other”, said Allyson. When it comes to her inspiration she likes to draw from everyone. Whether it be her friend that is a lawyer to other athletes and her greatest motivation is obtaining her goals. When it comes to heroes, she gives it up to her parents and the legendary Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Allyson then goes on to give some advice to anyone in the audience looking to go down her path and that is to take your time and fall in love with wanting to be better. “Life has high and low moments but you learn the most from the low moments”, explained Felix. I took the advice and applied it to my own career path as well. To close it out, it was asked who was her all time style icon and she stated Zoe Saldana because she is classic and timeless. It wouldn’t be an event without a giant group selfie and after that was done, Allyson went to take pics with the sponsors and it was over.

It was different being on the other end of it all and not being directly included with press but I enjoyed getting to know about Allyson past her dusting runners on the field.

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