My Thoughts and Some Truth Behind the Charlotte Protests


The murder of Keith Lamont Scott by police, Tuesday afternoon in Charlotte, NC, led to protests that were peaceful and one escalating into more bloodshed on Wednesday night. Details behind Scott’s death are still fuzzy as people are confused by several aspects of the story. 1. If police were going to serve a warrant for someone other than Scott, why is he dead? 2. If he REALLY did have a gun, why bother him when he’s inside of his car minding his business in an open carry state? 3. Since when did undercover cops serve warrants? His own wife released a video of her walking up to the situation trying to tell officers he was not a threat to them but they did not listen. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) has been very hesitant to release footage that pertains to the shooting but why? Eyewitnesses are coming out to say that Scott did not have a gun and the officer that shot Scott was actually white not black like CMPD and the media are saying. In times like these we need full transparency and the police department is being very shady. The unnecessary bloodshed occurring Wednesday night left Justin Carr, another young black male, dead due to riot police. An eyewitness around at the exact moment Carr was executed came to me to detail exactly what happened. I will say this for now, citizens do not own rubber bullets and they definitely wouldn’t bring them to a peaceful protest. Why are riot police out for a peaceful protest anyway? At first, it was reported that another protester fatally shot Carr but now we are seeing reports that maybe it wasn’t another protester and that possibly police were involved. Yeah, go figure. So many questions and not enough answers. Below I give my full thoughts on what has been going on and my eyewitness source’s full account as well. After the jump, I am sharing a video of a woman who recalls that Scott was not a danger to police and that the officer was white not black who shot him.


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