Tupac Murder Confession x Cambatta


September 13, 1996 marks the day that Tupac Shakur was murdered and 20 years later, Cambatta confesses to taking his life. Of course, the CT lyricist did not actually kill Tupac but the way he puts himself in the shoes of the killer and delivers a mythical first person narrative for his newest, “Tupac Murder Confession” is impeccable. After countless hours of in-depth, meticulous research and analysis, Cambatta managed to bridge the obscure facts and details surrounding the entire investigation and thread together a concise and succinct story line in an impressive song form. Not only does he detail every moment before, during, and after the shooting but he also describes the mental state and the vast metaphysical synchronicities that mysteriously encompass this conspiracy-ridden event. The cinematic soundscape that cascades through the background of this mental movie was expressed through the hands of the talented sound technician and NYC native V. Don. Cambatta ends the track with, “I’m confessing to the murder of Christopher Wallace, it was me squeezing heat in his GMC”, which foreshadows a series of high profile hip-hop assassination confessions Cambatta will be strategically releasing upon divine timing. Check out his Tupac confession below.

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